Tips For Carrying Your Macbook On The Road

If your job requires a lot of traveling, or if you are living like a digital nomad, then carrying your Macbook is one of the essential things that you always do. Because of this, it is imperative on your part to be careful on how you carry this gadget while you are on the raod. Keep in mind that keeping your Macbook safe from damage can save you from unpleasant situations and even expenses.

Fortunately, Apple is known for its top-grade laptops and Macbook accessories. As such, you can get a high guarantee that you will be able to keep your Apple devices safe during the course of your travel. YrGear has listed some of the tips to remember when it comes to this matter:

Check them out and get prepared!

Back up and lock it down

As for your own safety, when it comes to your MacBook, you must be prepared for the worst too. Losing your laptop means losing all the data in it as well. Of course, the goal is to avoid that from happening. Make sure to follow a backup regimen and to keep a copy of important data on an external hard drive at home or in the cloud.

Another awful thing to think about is the idea that someone may gain access to all your data. Keep it protected! Lock it all down with a strong password and always collect written-down passwords away from the laptop itself.

macbook bag

Don’t forget a sleeve case

Now, when you are already prepared for the worst, let’s hope it will never happen and talk about the more practical part - carrying around your MacBook.

Obviously, it’s much easier to travel with a smaller laptop but try finding a proper sleeve case or a laptop sleeve bag for your Mac. We recommend our Leather-Look MacBook Sleeve Case. It’s waterproof and easy to clean. At the same time, it is also designed to look formal and neat, with an easy opening and closing through reliable magnets.

Leather look macbook sleeve case

Another option, a bit bigger, is the Multi-Pocket Bag. It’s full of features to keep your laptop and accessories safe. It’s also waterproof so no small drops can damage anything stored inside. With three different sized pockets on the front and even more pockets fitted inside, it will be an ideal place to keep your documents, chargers, and phone organised during your road trip.

multi pocket macbook bag

Get a proper laptop backpack

The next thing to look after is a good laptop backpack. It will be useful for both bearing your MacBook and all of the other important stuff.

Our Business Laptop Backpack is a perfect solution, particularly if you love keeping your stuff organised, as many Mac-lovers do. Made of water-resistant polyester, this practical and stylish backpack has many different sized pockets where you can keep documents and daily essentials safe throughout the day. It's designed to be strong and comfortable, reducing any backaches caused by carrying your laptop.

business laptop backpack

If your type of road-trip requires something bigger, you will want to check out Roll-Up Backpacks. With an additional clip-lock as well as a zip, just in case you need to extend the size of your backpack, they may be great for hiking, camping, summer beach trip and more.

Roll-Up Leather Backpack

Let’s not forget those who are traveling with a single travel rucksack! In those circumstances, it might be especially tricky to keep your laptop safe. But with a high-quality and smart-designed rucksack, you don’t have to worry at all.

Our Large Travel Rucksack is multifunctional and designed with 30L large capacity, spacious, with a sponge interlayer for your laptop (up to 15"). It has high- grade canvas and PU leather which makes it wear-resisting and dustproof and it might easily become one of your best investments this year.

More tips:

  • Shut your laptop down
  • Unplug all cords and devices
  • Make sure that you have up-to-date antivirus software
  • Keep an eye on it, but keep it out of sight.

And if you are traveling by yourself, take a look at our small-guide for traveling alone. There are also some important things to know so that you can protect yourself better. Choose the right destination, find the right backpack and MacBook accessories and enjoy your trip!

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