4 Essential Tips To Remember When Traveling Alone

Are you thinking of traveling alone?

The idea of traveling alone has become very popular to different people around the globe. Some see it as an adventure, while the others see it as taking a real break from everything and everybody, or simply - as potential healing. And it’s true, first-time solo travelers often describe their first experience as an almost religious one. It’s not strange at all, given that traveling alone can be really fulfilling: you have the chance to enjoy beautiful surroundings by yourself and to indulge yourself in the meantime as well.

Whatever the reason for your solo road-trip consideration might be, we hope it’s a good one! Plus, we are hoping to help you to make the most of it with these tips essential for traveling alone.

Check them out!

Safety first!

Safety is always important when you are traveling, but even more so when you are doing it alone, and especially if you are a female.

Make sure to buy your travel insurance and keep your family or friends notified of your whereabouts. Send them a copy of your stay, let them know about your schedule and your flight times. And also, don’t forget to put some emergency cash on the side. It doesn’t need to be a real bad emergency, but it’s not impossible having some unplanned costs such as an expensive taxi drive, or food in the restaurant. We advise you to spend that money on gifts at the airport when coming back, but it’s good having it just in case.

The other practical advice is to keep the most important things by yourself, such as your laptop, chargers, water, snacks. If you are traveling with a single travel rucksack - ensure it’s a good one that can carry on your MacBook and all of your MacBook accessories safely. Otherwise, keep the essentials in a regular backpack or laptop travel bag, while checking in your luggage.

large travel rucksack

Meet other people and travelers

Stories of solo-travelers are usually filled up with stories about all the great people they have met. And, indeed, the essential beauty of traveling alone is meeting other people and often - letting them help you. You may get lost, you may search for your accommodation, you may look for another, you may try Couchsurfing… in any case, talk with those around you. Don’t be shy! In the end, you’ve come here to experience something new!

Forget the stories about never trusting anyone, but don’t be too trusty or naive. Sometimes, the situation won’t feel right, and when it’s so - don’t do it, don’t hang out with someone if you feel strange about it. Traveling alone means following your instincts, besides the google map. Keep that in mind!

laptop travel bag

Do something that you usually wouldn’t

They say, when we are kids, the days and years seem to be longer because everything is full of novelty. So don’t be afraid to try something new! Eat some gross, exotic food, enjoy extreme sport, visit museums, meet locals… There are so many ways to enjoy some unusual things without crossing your personal or safety limits.

Think about something that you haven’t done before but you always secretly wanted. Bungee jump? Staying all day in your hotel room and not doing anything?

Spoil yourself and do whatever you want! Wellness travel, which is another way of spoiling yourself, is becoming popular among solo travelers. Learn more about it and try implementing it in your travel-plan, at least for a day. Embrace total freedom and open yourself to new experiences!

Make a list of emergency contacts

Even if it sounds too extreme, making a list with emergency contact information is really important. Same as with emergency money - we wish you never use it but have it with you just in case.

This list may include your emergency contacts back home, such as your friend or a family member, or maybe the number of your credit card company for any emergency that can occur. Think about other unpleasant situations, and add other emergency contacts to your list. Even better if it’s a real notebook that you’ll carry with yourself.

Mini Notebook

Some extra tips for solo-travelers

You might find the following extra tips as too obvious, but for others, they will come as a good reminder. Use them as you check-list:

  • Bring a few copies of your passport
  • Look up the monetary conversion
  • Ensure your credit card works in the country you're visiting
  • Check the country’s entrance and exit fees
  • Bring snacks
  • Stay somewhere with free Wi-Fi
  • Stay in a place with multiple positive ratings
  • Avoiding the single supplement
  • Book a hotel with a 24-hour front desk if you are arriving late
  • Research events going on while you’re there
  • Take day tours
  • Say yes to a selfie stick!
  • Start your day early and enjoy new things
  • Learn a few words in the local language
  • Trust your gut
  • Smile!

Always exert effort to make the best out of your solo travels or trips!

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