Which are The Best Travel Backpacks in Australia?

There are several factors to consider when getting your best carry on backpack. Some of these are the anti-theft design, large and sturdy quality, water resistance… and how it can fit and protect your cameras and other gadgets.

Today, we will help you get the best travel backpacks in Australia and make your life easier and a little bit more comfortable and secured, while you’re away from home.

photographer with a large travel backpack & camera

Here are 5 Best Travel Backpacks You Can Get in Australia:

Travelling is oftentimes something that you love to prepare for - that’s why you landed on this page because you’re looking for the best travel bag. Aye?

Now that we’ve listed the top 5 travel backpacks in Australia, let’s dig deeper and see which of these backpacks best suit you and your travelling needs. Who knows? You may need to get them all because you’re an awesome, stylish traveller and versatile backpacker.

The Large Travel Rucksack

best travel backpacks Australia - Large Travel Rucksack

This must be one of the must-have travel backpacks you should get this year.

The Large Travel Rucksack is great for hardcore outdoor travels such as mountaineering, hiking and camping. It is also good for some simple or leisure travels.

It has a multifunction design to suit your comfort - wear it as a backpack and switch it to a shoulder bag anytime you want.

Also, this travel backpack has a 30L capacity with enough space and compartments for your gadgets and other stuff - most importantly, the main compartment is designed with a sponge interlayer for your laptop of up to 15 inches.

It is made of sturdy and high quality canvas with PU leather - available in colours, matched for outdoor and in-city travelling, such as army green, dark blue, and khaki.

This well built travelling bag gives you more freedom to move around without worrying about your valuables inside because it is dustproof and wear-resisting. So, go ahead and travel free with a large travel rucksack!

DSLR Camera Travel Backpack

best travel backpacks Australia - DSLR Camera Travel Backpack

If you are a photographer, this is without a doubt the best travel backpack you need to get. Finally, a purpose-built DSLR Camera Travel Backpack designed to protect your valued lenses as you travel to multiple places, capturing beautiful moments and jaw-dropping scenes.

No more worries about the rough and tumble and careless baggage handlers.

The dedicated compartment allows you to carefully conceal your DSLR as you leave the lens on - it can cover a total length of up to 23cm. Plus, the tiny compartment can be removed from the backpack itself for increased portability and convenience.

Also, the main compartment provides enough room for your belongings and other gadgets.

Lastly, this travel backpack has a genius little design hiding underneath - the neat little straps - meant to fasten and secure your tripod. So, no more sore arms for dragging bulky tripods!

Anti-Theft Modern Backpack

best travel backpacks Australia - Anti-Theft Modern Backpack

Strolling through a busy and bustling city? The Anti-Theft Modern Backpack is the best travel backpack choice.

No more worries about thieves among the passers-by or during your commute - the zipper of the main compartment is hidden at the back of the bag. So, anyone standing behind you cannot unzip your bag - they won’t even know where the zipper is!

What makes it even more convenient and techy is the USB charging port located at the lower right side of your backpack.

Also, even though this backpack has a large capacity full of pockets and compartments, it is surprisingly lightweight. Plus, everybody loves its simple yet stylish design.

Camera Travel Backpack with Built-In Waterproof Cover

best travel backpacks Australia - Camera Travel Backpack with Built-in Waterproof Cover

If you’re a rockstar photographer who might travel to places that require crossing rivers or any bodies of water, the Camera Travel Backpack with Built-in Waterproof Cover is all you need for your shooting gadgets, lenses and accessories.

No more worries about getting your gears wet and knocked off - the soft and waterproof design has got your cameras covered.

Also, you have the option to pull out the cover and use it as you please. Plus, you can choose from four different funky colours. Go on, keep your cameras dry... travel and shoot with style.

Foldable Lightweight Travel Backpack

best travel backpacks Australia - Foldable Lightweight Travel Backpack

This clever travel backpack can transform into a tiny pouch when not in use which means that it is a great extra bag whenever you’re travelling.

The Foldable Lightweight Travel Backpack is highly recommended for hiking and any sort of on-the-go travels… because it is so compact which makes it more convenient. Plus, it provides plenty of room in its main compartment.

The second smaller compartment in the front can secure your phone and other tiny stuff you may bring… and the bag features those snappy side pouches that everybody loves.

Most of all, this backpack is made from sturdy Nylon materials designed to be waterproof and dustproof which makes it easy peasy to clean. What more can you ask for?  

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