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Make the most of your next adventure with our wide range of travel backpacks and rucksacks

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Make the most of your next holiday or adventure with yrGear’s wide range of backpacks. Offering a selection of the highest quality gear, these are perfect for hassle-free travel and carrying everything in the name of travel supplies, through to your laptop and day-to-day essentials. From our lightweight travel backpack though to our large travel rucksack that fits a 14-inch laptop, we have many choices to help you find your perfect bag.

Whether you need a new backpack for work, gym or travel of any kind, you should be confident in choosing a high-quality product, and we’ve got many options for you.

It’s vitally important to keep your possessions safe and secure, so we also have great anti theft travel backpack options in our range, and a large travel backpack selection to accommodate the extra luggage you need.

However, if you plan to travel light, we also have lightweight travel backpack options, consistently manufactured to the highest standards and guaranteed to maintain quality and integrity.

For photography pros and hobbyists, we offer specialised photography gear – with several camera travel bag designs, all boasting great product specs and excellent customer feedback. After all, we know it’s not just about your passion, but the safety and security of your equipment too. That’s why we test only the best products and match functionality with style.

With a wide selection of bags, we are constantly adding new travel backpack brands to our range, so check back soon. You can also browse our photography range, with travel camera backpack options, and briefcases and messenger bags for more compact designs.

Our backpack bags for travel make great gifts for carrying your essentials, and they have proven popular among aspiring photographers who want to take care of their new camera, lenses and equipment. So, support that special someone and help them pursue their dreams and ambitions. Browse our full catalogue for even more great gift ideas. Keep an eye on the website and follow us for upcoming special offers too.

All travel backpacks are manufactured to strict quality assurance standards. No matter which brand or model you choose, you can be confident in buying top quality products, while avoiding the high price tag. This includes our water-resistant travel camera backback and our safe, secure anti theft travel backpack selection.

So, buy travel backpack today and treat yourself or a loved one with a high-quality gift and product built to last. If you have questions on any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.