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5 Times Apple Completely Failed at Design

Apple has long been lauded for their design chops, making countless breakthroughs in user interface design to create some of the most iconic, user-friendly and user-empowering tech products out there. In more recent times however, Apple has inexplicably dropped the ball by releasing products that don't live up to the impressive legacy they've built. Here are 5 products that make you question what Apple was thinking when they were released: Magic Mouse 2 The original Magic Mouse originally released in 2009 was unlike any other mouse of its time, being one of the first to have a multi-touch surface allowing you to perform iPhone-like gestures on your Mac without moving your hand away from the mouse. It was a product that exemplified...

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Your Guide to Buying MacBook Accessories

Whether it’s a rucksack backpack for long-haul travelling or you just need a strong and durable sleeve for your MacBook, yrGear has all the best MacBook accessories available out there! Searching for the right accessory that fits your requirements for your MacBook can be quite a daunting task. No need to worry—we’ll help you with that. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll help you choose among a wide variety of MacBook accessories such as cases, bags, sleeves, and other accessories to choose from so you can enjoy life and not worry at all about your laptop getting damaged. These Apple MacBook accessories are made especially to protect and enhance your MacBook experience. Take it wherever you go and whatever you do—whether...

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Gifts for Apple lovers that will fit anyone’s budget

What makes Apple fans unique? Mostly, their taste in gadgets. And also, as one study confirmed, they are the most enthusiastic tech adopters who are willing to pay more for extra value. All of these might be reasons to find it hard choosing the perfect gift for that special Apple fan in your life. In order to help you, we have listed some products that will fit your budget and will be a Mac-tastic surprise for your beloved geek. Let’s dig in! Here are 6 Mac-tastic gifts that will fit anyone’s budget: Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories Sliding Webcam and Camera Cover MacBook Soft Line Sleeve Bag Classic or Minimalist Watch MacBook Soft Sleeve Case Weighted Cable Tidy Leather...

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What is the Difference Between the MacBook Pro and Air?

MacBook Pro Vs Air—although these two laptop devices from Apple both have Retina displays, almost the same keyboards, and a similar price range, there are notable differences in features and specs that differentiate the two MacBooks. Since the launch of the MacBook Air last 2018 and the updates to the MacBook Pro in July 2019, people are becoming incessantly curious about the difference between the two laptops. But the most important question boils down to which MacBook is best for you. So, today, we will break the differences down to three major areas you should look at when buying a MacBook or any other device. Let’s start comparing. Here Are the 3 Major Areas to Look at When Comparing a...

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What Accessories Do You Need with a MacBook Air?

There are plenty of MacBook Air accessories that your new gadget needs to gear up with, this 2019. How do you know you actually need them all? Truth is, the accessories that you need for a MacBook Air are pretty much the protective, organisational, and convenience gears that any MacBook owners should have. So, this is why we listed 6 MacBook Air accessories you need for 2019. Make sure to check each of them. Here are 6 MacBook Air Accessories You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019: Snap-On Case for MacBook Air Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories Sliding Webcam & Camera Cover Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag Water-Resistant MacBook Messenger Bag These MacBook Air accessories...

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