Why MacBook Is Better Than PC

Why MacBook Is Better Than PC

When you check online you will find a lot of discussions about MacBook and PCs. Some Windows fans swear that they can never switch to MacBook because they are somewhat complex to use than PCs. On the other hand, MacBook fans do not agree with their Windows counterparts as they say it is easier to use a Mac. So who is telling the truth? If you have used a Windows PC for the majority part of your life, it can seem a little bit complex to use a MacBook at first. Before you get me wrong, this is what I mean. We all know that when you click on the red X at the right top corner of a program, it will close a Windows program, right? However, when you click the red X on a MacBook program, it will only close the window and not the program.

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This can be confusing at first for Windows users since the program is still open and running even if you cannot see any program or window on your screen. If you want to close a MacBook program completely, you must quit the program by clicking on the program’s name when it is still active. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut Apple + Q to close a program entirely on a MacBook. Therefore, when it comes to which one is easier to use between a MacBook and a PC, it is safe to say that it depends on an individual. But, here are some of the reasons why I think MacBook is better than a PC.

It is safer to use a Mac

We are living in a world where cyber attacks are happening everywhere. Perhaps you already know this but most victims of hacking are Windows users. I am not suggesting that Mac users are safe from cyber attacks but history has shown that it is safer than Windows. Apple Inc. is responsible for making MacBook and all its software. Therefore, they are the ones who are responsible for ensuring the security of their computers. On the other hand, PCs are manufactured by different companies such as Dell, Toshiba, HP and Lenovo, while Microsoft makes the Windows software and drivers are outsourced from third parties. This makes it easier for hackers to exploit security loopholes.

They come with pre-installed software

 PC users would say that there are many Windows software available for online download or for purchase. But that is where the problem is. The software does not come with the PC unlike with a MacBook. MacBooks have quality pre-installed software and apps like iMovie, Photos, Garageband, Keynote, Maps,
iTunes, FacTime among others. Therefore, you can get started with your MacBook without worrying about downloading latest apps or software. Everything is pre-installed for you.

MacBook accessories

Before you buy any gadget, it is always advisable you look if the accessories are readily available. Apple is a well known brand that has been running for over four decades. Therefore, you can be sure if you have a Mac computer you can find all sorts of MacBook accessories such as AirPods, USB adapter, cases, sleeves, covers and bags near you. If you are used to carrying your MacBook computer to work, there are affordable but stylish laptop sleeves you can buy to protect your computer from scratches. Other MacBook accessories that can improve your productivity at work or in school includes a USB-C battery pack to charge your laptop and a laptop backpack to carry your MacBook and other items.

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Customer support

Sometimes things can go wrong with your computer which makes it an absolute necessity to seek help. In this case, you want to know that there is a helpful customer service ready to assist you with your computer difficulties. Apple has one of the best customer supports you can find anywhere in the world. If you have any problems with your MacBook, you can easily reach their customer support via telephone or online tools. You can also find local Apple service providers who are ready to assist you.

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