Your Guide to Buying MacBook Accessories

Whether it’s a rucksack backpack for long-haul travelling or you just need a strong and durable sleeve for your MacBook, yrGear has all the best MacBook accessories available out there!

Searching for the right accessory that fits your requirements for your MacBook can be quite a daunting task. No need to worry—we’ll help you with that.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll help you choose among a wide variety of MacBook accessories such as cases, bags, sleeves, and other accessories to choose from so you can enjoy life and not worry at all about your laptop getting damaged. These Apple MacBook accessories are made especially to protect and enhance your MacBook experience.

Take it wherever you go and whatever you do—whether you go to work in the office, go travelling, or simply just having fun with your family and friends! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Macbook and its accessories are safe from unwanted damages.

Apple laptop needs MacBook accessories

Which MacBook bag do I need?

Felt Universal Laptop Bag Notebook Case

If you’re looking for a laptop bag that doubles as a briefcase, we highly recommend the sophisticated Felt Universal Laptop Bag Notebook Case for MacBook. Designed with innovative shock-absorbing and water-resistant features, it protects your laptop from water spills, small drops, bashes, or rough handling making you feel secure that your MacBook is safe from damages.

It is also lightweight, thus perfect for travelling.

Multi-Pocket Bag for MacBook

multi-pocket bag as MacBook accessory

Other light-duty laptop bags in yrGear’s MacBook accessories line include the Multi-Pocket Bag for MacBook, which is fitted with pockets to keep your documents, phone, and chargers safe and organised. Shock-resistant and waterproof, it is ideal for travelling and outdoor activity.

Large Travel Rucksack

For long-distance travel, outdoors, mountaineering, hiking, camping, or solely for leisure We have the Large Travel Rucksack that can fit your 15” laptop. It also has a sponge interlayer to give you peace of mind while moving around too much. Built for durability and longevity to withstand any rough outdoor activity. It has a large capacity also at 30L.

Still, haven’t found the specific type of bag for your MacBook? For all other types of laptop bags, check out our cool collection here.

What is the best case for my MacBook Laptop?

Matte Snap-On Case for MacBook

You’re a very active individual, and you move around a lot. You want your laptop to be scratch-free from day-to-day rough handling. With you still having access to its ports, DVD drive, we recommend the Matte Snap-On Case for MacBook, which has a two-piece, lightweight, snap-on protective hard shell. Designed to fit the Apple 13-inch MacBook Air, you can enjoy using your laptop without worrying about the damage.

To see other cases that fit your needs, check all cases here.

Shopping for the Best Sleeve Bag

Sometimes we want a simple but durable sleeve bag for our MacBook that we are comfortable carrying around. For this purpose, we recommend the MacBook/Tablet Soft Liner Sleeve Bag.

It is available in different colours and sizes to fit your laptop or tablet. It is light, durable, slim, smooth, it matches any gender and almost any fashion statement. What’s more, it features a zip that glides smoothly that lets you open and closes the sleeve in the most convenient way possible.

Other MacBook Accessories

Protect Your Webcam, Protect Your Privacy

The Sliding Webcam & Camera Cover protects your privacy when your webcam is not in use. Convenient, easy to use, and prevents scratches for your webcam. So thin, you can close your laptop with ease.

Elegant Leather Case for Your Power Bank and Adapter

leather pouch case for MacBook accessories

The Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories keeps your power bank and adapter safe and organised elegantly. It is specially designed as a MacBook Accessory and keeps your power bank and adapter safe from scratches and shock from accidental fall. The Leather Pouch Case is also water-resistant and easy to clean.

Elegant Keeper for Your Earphone

Genuine leather earphone cable tidy

Still a fan of wired earphones? Well, our collection ofMacBook accessories also include the Genuine Leather Earphone Cable Tidy which is the neatest, most durable, and can absolutely keep your headset protected from being damaged while inside your bag or backpack.

All MacBook accessories from yrGear are sorted out from the best manufacturers that make the highest in quality products and follow top-notch standards. All products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure your satisfaction.

For ease of shopping, find out more about yrGear’s MacBook Accessories here.

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