What is Good Christmas Presents for Friends?

It’s that time of the year again! Ideas for Christmas presents are the most asked question for December, for sure. And we believe that the best Christmas present is the most thoughtful act you could do for your family and friends—giving them the most useful gift you can give without breaking the bank.

So, today, we will show you 12 Christmas present ideas that MacBook users and your techy friends will greatly appreciate. Make sure to check all of the Christmas gift ideas, so you don’t regret whatever you buy.

Let’s get giving!

Here are the 12 Thoughtful Ideas for Christmas Presents that MacBook Users Will Love:

Take note that the price range of these ideas for Christmas presents that we are about to show you start at AU$5.99 to AU$84.99 and they can be paid via PayPal and Afterpay—Australia-wide and worldwide.

So, here we go.

Matte Snap-On Case

The matte snap-on case for MacBook comes in different colours, and you can buy the transparent type if you think they love the natural colour their MacBook came in.

Also, the seizes of the snap-on cases go back to 2012 13-inch Macbook Air and 2012 13-inch retina MacBook Pro up to the latest 2019 models.

We highly recommend this as a Christmas present for your minimalist and fastidious friend who carefully keeps his or her MacBook clean and free of scratches because the matte snap-on case is made of a lightweight two-piece protective hardshell while allowing ease of use to the MacBook’s ports.

Christmas present for MacBook users

MacBook/Tablet Soft Liner Sleeve Bag

The MacBook soft liner sleeve bag comes in different colours and two different styles, too—the vertical model and the horizontal model. Either way, we believe this is one of the best Christmas present ideas because it is the most simplistic and minimalistic bag you could buy for MacBook users who don’t want to have fancy things.

We like this sleeve bag because it is ultra-slim, lightweight, and gender-neutral. Plus, it features a smooth and soft interior to caress the device while it’s not being used, and then a durable wool exterior to protect laptop from the harsh daily motions. Definitely, a must-have MacBook accessory.

Christmas present for MacBook users

Felt Universal Laptop Bag

The Felt universal laptop bag is more sophisticated than the previously featured sleeve bag. We highly recommend this Christmas gift idea for people who travel a lot with their MacBook. Also, because it can be used as an alternative to a briefcase.

The universal laptop bag comes in different colours and sizes—from 13.3-inch to 15.6-inch laptop computers. So, if you’re looking for something innovative to buy for your MacBook user friends, this is it.

Christmas present ideas for MacBook users

Leather-Look MacBook Sleeve Case

The leather-look MacBook sleeve case is the best Christmas gift for the people in your life who likes some style with their devices—the case comes in vertical and horizontal form, available in two of the most sophisticated colours—khaki and black.

This sleeve case is best recommended for people who own 11-inch to 15-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Retina. We also like how simple yet elegant it is—secured by fastidiously installed magnets. It is also waterproof so that cleaning can be easy peasy.

Definitely something worth buying for your stylish family and friends!

Christmas gift ideas for MacBook users

Multi-Pocket Bag for MacBook

The multi-pocket bag for MacBook comes in six different colours, and the sizes can cater from an 11-inch device to 15.6 -inch laptop. This is one of the best ideas for Christmas presents for people in your life who brings quite too many gadget accessories—the multi-pocket feature will have them thank you big time!

We like how durable this laptop bag is—it’s designed to be water-proof and shock-resistant. Plus, it’s made of sturdy polyester, and don’t get fooled by the pockets you see on the exterior. There’s more fitted inside.

Absolutely the best item to buy for MacBook users who travel a lot.

Christmas gift for MacBook users

Water Resistant MacBook Laptop Bag

This water-resistant MacBook laptop bag is quite better than the previously featured MacBook bag. You see, it comes in nine different colours and it caters to a 12-inch MacBook to 17-inch laptop computers.

We’d say that this is the best Christmas present for someone who deals with a bit more rumble in his or her daily activities—the crush and water resistance says it all. We like how smart its design is, and how durable the interior is—it is fully padded and made of nylon fabric.

We think this can be your best buy for someone who goes to school or work every day with his or her MacBook.

ideas for Christmas presents for MacBook users

Water Resistant and Crush Resistant MacBook Messenger Bag

This water-resistant and crush-resistant MacBook messenger bag may not have more style than the previously featured water-resistant MacBook bag. Still, it wins when it comes to durability—it is designed not only to be waterproof but also shockproof. Plus, it is made to be crush-resistant using premium polyester material.

We also like how lightweight the bag is despite being packed with compartments for other Mac accessories. It’s easy to clean as well and very convenient to use. We consider this as one of the most thoughtful Christmas present ideas you could buy for anyone who owns a MacBook.

Christmas present to buy

Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories

This leather pouch case for MacBook accessories captivates anyone with its simplistic yet elegant style. Laptops are not the only devices that need protection—Mac accessories do too. This is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas to people who love to protect their every device from scratches. And why don’t you buy one for yourself too?

Christmas present ideas worth buying

Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook

We can’t get enough of leather cases for MacBook, can we? This split leather case comes in horizontal and vertical styles for MacBook models from 2012 to the latest. We bet this is the most stylish Christmas gift you could buy for someone who likes classy, pristine, and clean-looking Mac cases.

This also highly recommend to people who are organised—this case protects the device from sudden drink spills, scratches, and fall-shocks. Plus, it has a smart magnet lock that can secure the device and documents inside.

must-buy Christmas gift

Kingston Water-Resistant Anti-theft Bag

The Kingston water-resistant and anti-theft bag is the coolest Christmas present you could buy for someone. It comes in three different colours—black, grey, and red. And three different sizes—13 inches, 15 inches, and 17 inches to cater to multiple MacBook sizes.

Besides its water-resistant and anti-theft features, the Kingston bag is also designed with a USB passthrough to let the user charge devices more ergonomically.

This indeed one of the most durable and delightful ideas for Christmas presents for travellers, business people, students, and even hikers because the laptop inter-layer EPE shockproof protection takes care of every device inside the bag.

thoughtful ideas for Christmas presents

Leather Laptop Satchel

Know anyone who is an old soul and who likes some leather style while at work, doing business, or at school? This is probably one of the most stylish ideas for Christmas presents to buy for the sophisticated people in your life.

This classic leather laptop satchel is not only suitable for MacBook users but to anyone who needs to use durable laptop satchel daily—it comes in colours black and brown, detachable strap so it can be used either as a single-strap shoulder bag or a cross-body messenger bag.

The satchel is made from premium PU leather so you can stuff it with books, gadgets, and other Mac accessories too.

stylish Christmas presents to buy for MacBook users

Sliding Webcam & Camera Cover

Do you have a family member or friend who watched the film, Snowden, starring the life of the former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, and they suddenly became anxious about their phone and laptop cameras? Well, the sliding webcam and camera cover could be the best Christmas present you could give them to keep their peace of mind when using their devices.

The tiny privacy protection device comes in colours white and black. Or you can get the ones with the cute Koala designs—definitely the cutest Christmas gift you could buy for everyone around you!

cute Christmas gift ideas

Final Christmas Thoughts

Remember that you don’t have to break the bank this season just to please everyone around you with Christmas gifts. Still, the best ideas for Christmas presents are those that come from the heart, no matter the size and the price.

So, that’s it! We’ve shown you the Christmas present ideas for your MacBook users and techy family members and friends. Which ones do you think are worth buying for them?

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