Gifts for Apple lovers that will fit anyone’s budget

What makes Apple fans unique?

Mostly, their taste in gadgets. And also, as one study confirmed, they are the most enthusiastic tech adopters who are willing to pay more for extra value.

All of these might be reasons to find it hard choosing the perfect gift for that special Apple fan in your life. In order to help you, we have listed some products that will fit your budget and will be a Mac-tastic surprise for your beloved geek.

Let’s dig in!

Mac gifts

Here are 6 Mac-tastic gifts that will fit anyone’s budget:

Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories

Speaking of good taste, Apple fans will mostly say yes to elegance. It’s like the trademark of MacBook Air and it’s really obvious with the Leather Pouch Case for MacBook Accessories. Sophisticated and unisex, it will be a thoughtful gift for your beloved who will be able to place its earphones, adapter and other tiny Mac accessories inside it and keep it well-organised, but also safe from possible damage. The case is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Sliding Webcam and Camera Cover

Nowadays, people prefer to cover their laptop cameras when they are not using it and it isn’t strange that there are even gadgets for it. If that sounds like the important person in your life that you want to buy a gift to, this Sliding Webcam and Camera Cover is an awesome option.

By simply sliding the cover over, the camera can be uncovered when it’s needed and its lens won’t be messed up. It is made of safe and durable material and can be used to cover most webcams for computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets.

MacBook Soft Line Sleeve Bag

MacBook Soft Line Sleeve BagMacBook Soft Line Sleeve Bag is another great option that comes in many colours, with the ultra-slim design. The zip glides softly, letting it open and close the sleeve in the easiest way possible. With its amazing wool exterior and soft smooth interior for optimum durability, this laptop sleeve bag matches not only all genders but almost any fashion statement as well. And most importantly - it is soft and fantastic protection from scratches, shocks, water spills, and dust.

Classic or Minimalist Watch

A simple watchA simple watch can be another thoughtful and sophisticated solution.

Depending on the gender and style, you can choose between different models such as the Classic Men's Leather Watch or Women's Minimalist Watch. Both models are elegant and made of durable materials. With an alloy case and Quartz movement, Leather Watch will do more than be pretty on the wrist.

MacBook Soft Sleeve Case

Trust us, true MacBook Air fans are never tired of great MacBook Air cases. This super soft and classy laptop case, MacBook Soft Sleeve Case, can fit everyday routines and style. It has a flap that opens and shuts in the easiest way possible while its degree of protection from scratches, water spills, and shocks is absolutely optimal. Check this high-quality case in our shop today at an amazing price!

Weighted Cable Tidy

Let’s not forget the neat side of our Apple lovers. They will be grateful for our Weighted Cable Tidy that will bring them straight to cable management nirvana. No more cords lying all over the desk! Weighted Cable Tidy has four slots that can each hold several cords and its weighted base ensures that it stays put on a desk and can be used with mobile phone chargers, audio cables, USB cords, power cords, and more.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift?

If you still haven't found the perfect gift for your Apple geek, try looking at the world through their eyes and check our shop for more ideas.

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