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Put all the essentials in the one place in time for your next trip with these stylish bags for women. Cosmetics bags? You bet. Trendy wallets for ladies? Yup. Bags for my sick boombox? Uhhh, we're working on it.

Get These Small Handbags and Trendy Wallets

You see, we believe that small bags for women are a great fashion statement that does not compromise comfort and convenience. After all, why do we still need small handbags inside our large tote bags? Think about that just for a second.

Also, whether you’re travelling far away to a different city or attending a party in the neighbourhood, trendy wallets for ladies are our go-to “bring me” stuff just because they’re handy, comfortable to bring and most importantly, fashionable.

So, if you need trendy wallets, grab one now or take a few in different colours such as green, pink, grey, wine red, and black (a personal favourite just so you know).

And when it comes to cosmetics, we have small handbags just right for your go-to makeup kit - put in your compact powder, lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and perfume then you’re good to go!

Now, if you need something big or bulky with several pockets that will secure not just your bills and cosmetics but also your gadgets, clothes, and important documents, check out our high-quality and durable travel backpacks here.

The coolest thing is that our travel backpacks are loved both by classy and sporty women and men in Australia! Why don’t you check them as well?

Anyway, whether it's bags for women or other trendy and useful stuff, we at yrGear do our best to provide you with the cool stuff you need!