Yubico Yubikey 5Ci - yrGear Australia
Yubico Yubikey 5Ci - yrGear Australia
Yubico Yubikey 5Ci - yrGear Australia
Yubico Yubikey 5Ci - yrGear Australia

Yubico YubiKey 5Ci

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Brand: Yubico

Color: Black


  • NEW PRODUCT with EMERGING SUPPORT - It is highly recommended to visit Yubico's website for an understanding of the full capabilities of this security key before purchase.
  • DUAL CONNECTORS: The Yubico YubiKey 5Ci is the first multi-protocol hardware authenticator with dual connector for Lighting and USB C ports. With the lighting connector side, you can protect your iOS mobile apps and log in with just a tap.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Yubico 5Ci features the YubiKey 5C functionality on one side that works with thousands of apps to keep accounts secure. The Lightning Connector side is leading the way in innovation and is currently compatible with a limited number of applications.
  • FIDO: The YubiKey 5Ci is FIDO certified and works with Google Chrome and any FIDO-compliant application on iOS, Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Secure your login and protect your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Outlook, LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, accounts & more.
  • MULTI-PROTOCOL SUPPORT: This strong two factor authentication  lightning and USB-C security key has multi-protocol support including FIDO2, FIDO U2F, Yubico OTP, OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP, Smart card (PIV), OpenPGP, and Challenge-Response capability to give you strong hardware-based authentication.


The YubiKey 5Ci combines hardware-based authentication and public key cryptography to eliminate account takeovers. The YubiKey 5Ci offers a unified secure authentication solution for modern devices. Simply insert either connector to the device of your choice and experience YubiKey authentication that’s four times faster than typing in a One Time Passcode. Register only once on the device and get recognized on any other device of your choice. And no battery or network connectivity required, so the YubiKey 5Ci  is always on and accessible for authentication. This security key also delivers secure login across all major operating systems like macOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS and much more.

-Secure your login and protect your account with hundreds of password managers like LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password and others.

-Protect your online accounts from phishing and account takeovers. A YubiKey makes it extremely difficult to gain access or steal your most important files, pictures, emails, and financial information.

-Register easily with hundreds of services. Once registered, each service will simply request you to insert and tap your YubiKey to gain access during login. Simple, convenient, and secure.

-Use the same asymmetric cryptography and strong security used by individuals at 9 of the top 10 technology companies. Yubico pioneered the creation of the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 authentication protocols along with Google and Microsoft. Using the YubiKey, companies have seen zero successful phishing attempts. The YubiKey 5Ci is FIDO and FIDO2 certified. It works with Google Chrome or any FIDO-compliant application on Windows, macOS or Linux and with applications that provide FIDO, FIDO2, or one-time-password (OTP) support and through Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers.

EAN: 5060408461969

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