Shedding Light on What Matters: 7 Reasons to Brighten Up with a Monitor Light

man on computer with light

Attention, tech enthusiasts and curious minds alike! Today, we’re here to shed some light on an often overlooked yet incredibly valuable computer accessory—the monitor light. Sure, you might think, “Why do I need another gadget cluttering my workspace?” Well, before you decide anything, let us take you through seven compelling reasons investing in a monitor lamp or light bar is an illuminating idea!

1. Say Goodbye to the Shadows

Do you find yourself squinting, straining your eyes or contorting your body just to escape the shadowy abyss of your screen? It’s time to bid farewell to those dark corners and welcome the light! With a light bar perched atop your gaming monitor, you can banish those bothersome shadows that make you miss crucial details. With a well-illuminated display where every pixel shines, you can spot all the essential figures on your Google Sheets or spot enemies lurking in the shadows when gaming. 

2. Enhance Your Productivity

Heads up, productivity gurus! Here’s a secret weapon to add to your arsenal. A well-lit workspace has been proven to enhance focus, reduce eye strain and boost productivity. So add a monitor light to your setup to give your eyes the optimal lighting conditions they deserve. Imagine working on a complex project where attention to detail is crucial. A monitor light that evenly illuminates your screen helps you identify nuances and fine-tune your work with precision, improving your productivity and ensuring a top-notch outcome.

3. Set the Mood & Illuminate Your World

Who says good monitor lighting is all business? You can also use it to unleash your creativity and transform your work area into a personal haven. Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colours, adjust the brightness and set the mood that suits your style. Want to add some ambience during late-night gaming sessions or set a relaxed tone for those intense coding marathons? With a monitor lamp, you can effortlessly create the perfect atmosphere that matches your mood and sparks your imagination.

4. Show Off Your Setup in Style

Let’s admit it, we all love flaunting our prized possessions. With a monitor light bar, you’re not just investing in functionality but also in style. Picture this: a sleek, modern monitor with a soft glow emanating from the top, instantly elevating your setup to a whole new level. Whether you’re a professional streamer, a gamer or a multitasking maestro, a monitor light adds a touch of sophistication and wow factor to your space.

Also, imagine you’re in work mode, hosting a video conference with clients or colleagues. Your monitor light illuminates your face with flattering lighting, making you look professional and confident. Impressions matter; a well-designed setup speaks volumes about your attention to detail.

5. It’s Time to Take Better Care of Your Eyes 

Long hours spent in front of a screen can take a toll on our visual health, leading to eye strain, dryness and discomfort. A monitor screen light with adjustable colour temperature and brightness can help reduce eye fatigue, provide a more comfortable viewing experience and even mimic natural daylight. Your eyes will thank you as they revel in the gentle glow of a monitor light, making those marathon coding work or gaming sessions a little more eye-friendly.


6. Say Goodbye to Glare and Reflections

Imagine working on a design project that requires precise colour accuracy, but the sunlight streaming through your window creates an annoying glare on your screen. Glare and reflections can be a constant annoyance when working with screens, especially in brightly lit environments. They not only distract you but can also hinder your ability to see the content clearly. Enter the monitor lamp or light bar, your ally in the fight against glare! By positioning a monitor light at the appropriate angle, you can effectively minimize the glare, ensuring accurate colour representation and enabling you to create stunning visuals.

7. Enjoy Monitor Light Bar’s Versatility and Portability

Monitor light bars are not just limited to desktop setups. Their versatility allows you to use them with laptops, tablets or even as a standalone reading light. They are lightweight, compact and easily adjustable, making them a convenient accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re working in a café, staying in a dimly lit hotel room or enjoying a book in bed, your trusty monitor light can accompany you, providing optimal illumination wherever you need it.

There You Have It!

There you have it, folks! Seven illuminating reasons to brighten up your screen with monitor light. From banishing shadows and enhancing productivity to setting the mood, adding style to your setup, and prioritizing your eye health, monitor lights’ benefits are dazzling. With a monitor light bar, you can create a visually comfortable & aesthetically pleasing space that enhances your work or gaming experience. 

Want to Buy a Monitor Light Today?

Check out Benq ScreenBar Plus! It’s a ground-breaking lighting system that will revolutionize your workspace. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to seamless illumination! This ingenious accessory can be effortlessly hung on your monitor, utilizing your valuable space effectively. To make your experience even more convenient, the ScreenBar Plus is equipped with a user-friendly Desktop Dial.

With its advanced auto-dimming feature and clever asymmetric optical design, the Benq light bar is a true game-changer. It ensures optimal lighting conditions for your working space, all powered by a simple USB connection. No more annoying reflective glare bouncing off your computer screen—this intelligent lighting system casts the perfect glow, boosting your productivity without straining your eyes.

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