Minimalist Home Office Desk Ideas this 2021

Having a de-cluttered, minimalist, and aesthetic desk setup for your home work station helps to increase focus and productivity. Whether you are a working professional or a college student, this article will guide you on how to have a minimalist home office desk for 2021.

Minimalistic Setup for Designers

A clean and nicely set up desk helps designers get those creative ideas flowing in. Aesthetically pleasing decor pieces, such as candles or small potted plants, will enhance the overall feel of the desk and make it look more homely.

Working Close to Nature

Working close to nature helps to declutter your mind and generate better ideas. Adding real plants to your desk will be a great addition! Start with small indoor plants that require restricted sunlight to thrive.

Desk Ideas for A Youtuber And Filmmaker

Filmmakers and YouTubers usually have a busy life and extended working hours. They need a workspace that incorporates comfort and creativity. Use LED night lights for better focus during late-night working hours.

Battle-station Gaming Desk

If you are thinking about decorating your gaming set-up, go for battle station-themed designs for your desk.

Desk Set-up for Photographers

Desk idea for photographers

Spice up your office desk set up with your camera’s accessories, pegboards, and polaroid photos of happy memories or ideas to spark your creativity.

Transparent Desk for Home Workspace

For an aesthetic and bright look, install a transparent glass work table at your home workspace. You can choose the material that fits your room design. Don't forget to get a desk cover to avoid any scratches on the glass.

Monochrome Color Palette

Does the single colour scheme seem too basic? Go with the monochrome design for your work table. Choose white, grey, and black coloured decor items for your executive office desk.

Desk Idea for Programmer and Developer

Add Colorful LED at your home office work desk to reduce eye strain

A desk set-up that is cleaner than your jumbled codes is what you need as a programmer or developer. A clutter-free workspace will help you focus better on your programming.

Ultrawide Monitor Ideas for Desk

An ultrawide monitor will boost your productivity, even more so than working on a dual-monitor. 

Reduce Eye Strain with Desk Led Lights

Working late at night can strain your eyes. For a better ambiance, add colourful LED lights near your office desk. Invest in LED strips that you can place behind your monitor as these lights emit bright, beautiful colours during those long working hours. The best thing about the latest version of LED lights is you can operate them via Google or Alexa.

Increase Your Productivity

Include a second monitor, diary, and a desk clock to increase productivity, time tracking and organisation.

Hypebeast Desk Design Idea

Add KAWS and Bearbricks figures, wall art, and a lot more for your hypebeast themed desk.

Compact Work Area Desk Setup

If you practice minimalism or your workspace is just small, you can still set up your desk in a smart way. Invest in a laptop rather than a desktop to save space. Include stacked folders to keep your desk organised, yet compact.

Active Lifestyle with A Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk for the whole day is proven to be bad for your posture. More people are switching to standing desks for a healthy and active work experience. These desks come with a height adjustment feature to suit your comfort level.

The Minimalist Wood Top IKEA Desk Setup

minimalist wood IKEA desk setup

IKEA desks are certainly the most popular, easy to install, and budget-friendly option. If you are setting your home office for the first time, IKEA is the best option to get that minimalistic vibe at your workplace. Add an extra footrest or an under-desk drawer for added comfort.

Desk Idea for University Students

College life is all about living in small dorms and sharing with roommates. University students will also require plenty of storage and space to keep their books and school supplies organised. You can always add shelves and drawers to help organise your study space.


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