Must Have MacBook Air Accessories in Australia

If you currently own a MacBook Air, there are a few Macbook Air Accessories in Australia and peripherals that could make it easier for you to use. The MacBook line of laptops sold by Apple Store is ideal for business professionals looking for quality but easy to use machines. However, it is not very hard to see how you could run into some difficulties.

yrgear - macbook air black

Some of these difficulties could be directly related to Apple, while others may be of a more general nature. Either way, such annoyances tend to be a bummer, more so when you have had to spend a substantial amount to get your hands on one of these devices. To make your experience easier, the following are MacBook Air Accessories you should consider acquiring at your nearest Apple Store, or at an online MacBook accessories store.

A Rugged Laptop MacBook Air Sleeve 

Many people shopping for a sleeve tend to be fine with the everyday neoprene models. However, if your laptop is inseparable from your office backpack, a more rugged MacBook Air sleeve will be advisable. Rugged sleeves come with sturdy polyurethane shells and are water resistant. Additionally, they come with elastic bands which enable one to work within their sleeves when on the move.

yrGear - Macbook Air Black Sleeve

Bluetooth Mouse

The MacBook Air trackpad has over the years continued to grow in terms of its size as well as accuracy. However, many users have noticed that this trackpad can prove cumbersome and uncomfortable to use over extended durations of time. Using a Bluetooth mouse can make all the difference, especially if you spend most of your time on your laptop. The mouse is small, and can easily fit in a small pocket. You, therefore, do not have to worry about ever losing or misplacing its receiver.

Hard Shell Case

As a laptop owner, you should always ensure that your MacBook is well protected. The MacBook Air is possibly one of the thinnest laptops currently available in the market, hence the need to use some much-needed reinforcement. For this, consider any of our MacBook Air hard shell plastic case.

With the cases, you have an option of up to thirty colors, ranging from demure to vibrant. The cases come with tiny feet at the rear end and are equipped with cooling vents. The finishing is in the form of a non-slip rubberized material.

yrGear - MacBook Air Shell Case

USB Hubs

Whichever MacBook is in your possession, there is a great possibility that you do not have access to as many USB hubs as you would want. If you normally find it necessary to connect different external drives to your laptop, the chances are that you need a USB hub.

Consider going for a hub with at least ten ports, and using USB 3.0. A good hub should also support 2.1A ports which can be used to quickly charge a mobile device, without taking up unnecessary space on your desk. 

Laptop Stand

Ever find it necessary to connect your MacBook Air to any external desktop gear? Even though the laptop stand can be seen as more of a vanity purchase, it looks nice on your work desk, functions as it should, and more importantly, it helps save you space. This is vital to reduce clutter on your desk. The laptop stand is also highly recommended as it has an arch design making it easier to organize stray cables.

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