How To Take Better Photos

Are you fond of taking photos of the places you visited or the persons who matter in your life? Do you love capturing essential moments using your smartphone or mirror-less camera? Or are you the type of person who keeps on wishing that he could take better photographs? Do not worry because we have rounded up some tips and tricks on how you can get the best out of your gears for picture taking.


First of all, you must know the definition of a good photo. What makes up an excellent picture? There are two things that you need to remember at this point. The first one is “photograph,” which refers to a picture that looks more professional or polished. The second term is “snapshot,” which pertains to an image that is usually taken quickly or abruptly. The appreciation for these photos depends on several factors such as the personal preference of the viewer or the gears used as well as the expertise of the person taking the shot.

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to accomplish your ultimate goal of taking better photos:

Bring Your Camera Everywhere

Always keep in mind that a lot of things can happen in a day. Be sure to capture the special moments and events by bringing your camera wherever you go. In so doing, you will never miss an opportunity to take great photos. Remember that some excellent images are taken candidly. This is a great way to keep you excited as you search for subjects to capture.


Use Natural Light

If you love taking portraits of people, the best thing to do is to set the shoot during the golden hour (around 4 to 5:30 in the afternoon). Take advantage of the natural light available during this hour where the sun’s angle is low. For this reason, the light is not harsh allowing you to take photos that are high in contrast as well as saturation. On the other hand, if you enjoy capturing subjects indoors, then do not forget to bring a flash that can be easily attached to your camera. Play with this until you get better at it. You can also buy a collapsible reflector to bring your love for photography to the next level.

Focus On The Composition

No matter how you invest in improving your skills in photography or upgrading your cameras, the same will go to waste if the subject of the photo is not that great. This is the primary reason why there is also a need to check the composition or presentation of the subject. Choose an excellent background for the photos or add some elements to highlight the main theme of the shoot.


Know The Camera Settings

With all the latest advancements in technology, it has become easier to find the type of camera that suits your personality and interests. When buying this device, make sure that you ask questions about the functions of the camera to the salesperson. If possible, do not hesitate to ask about the recommended manual settings for the camera. You can also learn it from other photo enthusiasts.

Clean Your Lens

Unfortunately, many photographers or even hobbyists forget to clean their camera lens before starting to shoot. This is a great mistake because a dirty lens can result in a blurry photo. Aside from this, it can also create ugly spots on the image making it look dirty. Because of this, it is highly recommended to insert a microfiber cloth in the camera bag. Use this clot to wipe the lens before you take a random shot.

Have Fun

Stop pressuring yourself in taking better photos. Always remember that too much pressure can make you lose focus or interest. Just have fun as you take pictures of the items, places or people you love. Take a picture not because you want to impress others but for the sole reason of capturing a particular moment. If you are not enjoying this, then there is something wrong with you, and you have to stop it as soon as possible.

The process of improving your photos will take time. It needs constant practice, which is why you must never give up easily. Take all the time you need until you become a master in this field.

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