What are the Best Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day?

Father’s day, birthday, promotion day, retirement day, whatever occasion there may be, your dad deserves the best gifts - nothing less.

But getting the best gifts for dad might be a bit tricky… will he like your gift?

No worries. We listed 5 of the most loved Father's Day gift ideas. Make sure to check out each of them!

gifts for dad

Here are 5 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

You might have noticed that almost all fathers love watches and backpacks, sunglasses, caps and drink bottles - this is because all of them are useful and they make dads look even more cool, on top of that dad bod.

Plus, these gift ideas don’t break the bank - you can even take all of them and get your dad the ultimate Father's Day gift package ever!

Anyway, if you decide to just give one this year and save the others for the coming years or other occasions, go on and read more to discover which gift is perfect for now.

Let’s see.

Classic or Minimalist Men’s Watch

father’s day gift idea - classic minimalist men’s watch

The best thing that you could ever give to someone is your time - this is a cliche but hey, it’s true. What is the closest thing to giving time? A watch.

What can better represent the time for your dad? A classic or minimalist men’s watch.

If your dad likes minimalism, he will surely love this gift.

You can also choose between leather bands and stainless steel watch. This way, your dad can class up his every day look while handling the rigours of his day at work or anywhere... with total ease.

How can he not love such a charm on his wrist, right?

Travel or Business Laptop Backpack

gifts for dad australia - business laptop backpack

Is your dad a travel lover or a workaholic? Could be both? Then a travel or business laptop backpack is the perfect gift!

Any father will admire a practical and stylish backpack. Plus, wait till he checks out the USB pass-through so he can get his devices charged up while on the go - with complete ease.

A travel or business laptop backpack is designed to be strong and comfortable to reduce any back aches that most dads complain about.

So, get a spacious backpack gift for your daddy - amaze him with this bag’s multiple pockets that come in different sizes to keep his gadgets, documents, and other valuables secured and organised throughout his trip or even just during an entire hectic day at the office.

Designer Polarized Sunglasses

gifts for dads - designer polarized sunglasses

Does he love boating and fishing? A designer polarized sunglasses are the perfect eyewear for your daddy. Protect his eyes from the bright sun rays or those blinding glares from the water.

This stylish polarized sunglasses can also really go well with golfer dads, bikers, joggers, runners and skiers.

Ultimately, this is the best choice to help your dad block out the blinding reflections from the road whenever he drives.

Also, a designer polarized sunglasses can never go wrong in style, be it outdoors or indoors.


unique gifts for dad - caps

Dad caps for Father’s Day - sounds fantastic, aye? Will he prefer an adjustable baseball cap? How about some cool snapback? Doesn’t really matter - you can’t get both for your daddy and let him be cool as a cucumber in the summer months.

If you get him this cool cap for Father’s Day, it’ll be the most comfortable headwear because it is made of 100% cotton twill with needle stitching of over-lock seams.

Also, it has an adjustable strap back so it can fit almost any “fatherly” head size.

The best thing about caps as a gift is that they are more of a need than a fashion statement… but your dad will surely look tidy and cool.

Go on, get your daddy a brand new cap - you choose which colour.

Drink Bottles

Father's Day gift ideas - BPA free drink bottles

Help your dad maintain good health with BPA Free Stainless Steel Water Bottle - with this kind of gift, you can always remind him to stay hydrated and cool.

Plus, the metal quality can be a glorious makeshift ice pack, it keeps the temperature of the drink as it is for a long period of time - a very useful and unique gift, indeed.

In case you are wondering what BPA is, it stands for Bisphenol A - a chemical that is used to make plastics and resins… and if this chemical is overly consumed due to drinking from plastic bottles, it can seriously damage the liver and intestines.

From now on, encourage your dad to drink from this stylish and ever useful BPA free stainless steel drinking bottle.

Getting Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day or Any Day…

The 5 best Father's Day gift ideas we listed are all material things - you can easily buy them, wrap them and impress your dad with all of them.

However, always remember that the best gifts you can ever give to your father, in the truest form, are your time, appreciation and unconditional love.

So, whatever the occasion may be... if it’s Father’s Day or just an ordinary day, make sure to spend time with your dad, let him know he is appreciated and loved for whoever he is.

In Australia, Fathers day 2019 is the Sunday - 1 September. Be sure to have your order in by August 19 to ensure you get your gift on time for your dad.

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