Benefits of Travelling: It Can Make You Healthier

Most people nowadays believe in “YOLO,” an abbreviation which means “You Only Live Once.” This belief made people realize the real value of time. It sparked their hunger to live their lives to the fullest. At the same time, it also urged them to savor every minute of their lives by doing crazy things, feeling different kinds of emotions, embracing true excitement, and capturing happiness in what they do.

Woman with her travel bag and camera

One of the ways that people do to enjoy their lives is traveling. With their travel bags, people can go to different places as well as explore the wonders and beauty of the world. Nothing would hinder them to experience a new culture, to see places they have never seen before, learn a new language or even feel the excitement of being lost in an unfamiliar location.

But do you know that aside from enjoyment and happiness, traveling can also give you much more? In fact, according to NBC News, there are already studies that show how traveling can be beneficial to your health too. These benefits cannot just complete one’s soul but can also create a positive effect on one’s mental, emotional and physical being.

Man with his travel bag and hat

The broadcasting agency highlighted how traveling makes a person healthier especially when it comes to a person’s circulatory system. Women who travel abroad at least twice a year tend to have a lower risk for heart attack as compared to others that travel less. Also, men who enjoy going out of town for trips and who do it on a regular basis have about 30% lesser risk of heart disease and 20% risk of death.

Aside from keeping your heart healthier, traveling can also help relieve stress. Stress is our body’s natural way to deal with threat, danger or demand. Though it is naturally present in our environment, stress and anxiety can still pose a serious risk to one's health. It can affect our thoughts, body, feelings or even behavior. It can also pose health problems such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and heart diseases in the long run. That is why it is crucial for every person to manage it. One way to do that is by traveling. The beauty of nature, the relaxing sound of the sea, the picturesque ambiance and everything that comes in between can be an excellent way to combat this negativity. These wonders can make you more relaxed, less anxious and have a better mood.

Also, traveling can also combat depression. At this point, it is essential to emphasize the fact that depression is considered one of the world’s worst problems. It is a severe medical illness that can be related to different psychological factors and can even lead to death. Millions of people now are suffering from depression. Though most of them are already seeking medical help, some are still looking for a healthier way to escape their negative state. Studies show that traveling is one of the healthier alternatives.

Destination map, travel bag, camera and books

So choose your destination, buy your tickets, pack your bags and travel the world. Be brave to see what is out there.  Kiss the breeze. Touch the sun. Explore the limit. Life is sweet and great. You have to leave your comfort zones for you to feel it.

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