5 Home Office Organisation Ideas in 2021 To Boost Productivity

Are you setting up a new office desk space and looking for ideas to organise your supplies?

Whether you are a designer, programmer, writer, or student (to name a few), having a clutter-free workspace helps you focus better and increase your productivity.

In this article, you can explore the five desk organisation ideas that will help you declutter your workspace and organise your home office in a minimalistic way. 


Stackable Crate

A stackable crate might look a bit industrial, but it offers efficient storage for all of your office supplies. Not just your laptop, you can also stack your notebooks and files in the crate which will also help you become more organised.

The best thing about a stackable crate is, you can collapse it when it is not in use or turn it over and use it as a stand for your laptop or computer.


Conceal Electrical Cables

organise your cables and electrical wires with the help of desk cable organiser

Excessive cords and cables can make your workspace unsafe, look untidy, and can be distracting. The best way to manage loose wires is to conceal them in a handy box or use a desk cable organiser for holding the wires.

Stick and fold labels around each electrical wire and label them for easy identification. Whether the wire is connected to different components or is connected to the main electrical plug, label each wire precisely and you’ll thank yourself later!


Accessory Tray

Invest in an accessory tray that converts into a storage drawer for storing pens, papers, pins, and other stationery supplies. Look for a stackable accessory tray so that you can add layers on top and increase the storage space as and when you need to. 


Pencil Holder

store your stationery items in a pencil holder

A pencil holder is not just made for holding pens and pencils. When you purchase a multi-compartment pencil holder, you can store all your standing stationery items like scissors, scale, glue stick, markers, fluid pens, and more.

Love nature? How about turning your pencil holder into a cute plant holder? You can also put artificial flowers in the holder to add to the aesthetic of your workplace.


Tiered Organizer

A tiered organiser is perfect for keeping your art and writing supplies organised. You can also store your textbooks, magazines, files, and folders in the organiser, making it multifunctional and super handy!

Based on your desk space, mount your tiered organiser in a standing position or place it horizontally on your desk. The organiser is the perfect extension of your computer or laptop. 

You can also invest in a clear acrylic organiser to reduce clutter and decorate your office desk. Add this desktop document organiser to store all your documents neatly and clearly. The shiny gold surface will add a modern and minimalistic look to your desk.

We hope this article was helpful and has left you feeling inspired to create the perfect desk! Read more about why organising your workplace is important here.

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